Sunday Lately: Week 51

I’m using this week’s Sunday Lately themes from Wild & Wanderful to prompt today’s post: Planning, Loving, Reading (which works in Sunday’s Bibliotherapy), Wishing, and Feeling. Planning: A few months ago, I purchased a spark notebook, and after my run today I plan to start drawing out 2016’s calendar and filling in January’s space with […]

Holiday hate: A lesson in loving Christmas

I’m sure most of you can commiserate with me about the Holiday Struggle. I find it really difficult to take time for myself (and my partner… and my cats) without an immense overload of guilt and obligation. Holidays have always been a super stressful and dreaded time of year for me. I’m an introvert and […]

Weekly Therapy: getting ready for hibernation… or something.

the week: For real, the most exciting thing to happen this week was this enchilada casserole for dinner that we ate THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Pathetic, but my days are so much more relaxed when I work out in the mornings. I can almost say that waking up at 5am for 7 weeks of […]

Weekly Therapy: the travels and tribulations of a 30-something

the week: Driving. Snowstorms. Missing family plans. Paying an extra night for hotel because it was booked for December 25 and not December 26. (seriously). Hangovers. HANGOVERS. Just another holiday trip back to Ohio. While we were “snowed in” during our stay at the lovely Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, we checked out the new casino, […]

Weekend Therapy: playing The Chimney Song on repeat

the week: It’s state (car) inspection time in this 30-something household (and for the 2nd year in a row, it did not pass; this year, exhaust issues, which is not entirely terrible). As much as I swoon over the 2013 new Ford Escape and dream of trading in my ’05, the reality that my car […]