Weekly Therapy: 26 Weeks Left in my 30s!

What an unfortunate typo when I first typed out this post subject! Does this mean I have officially accepted being 40? LOL So, yeah… Half-Birthdays and Stuff. the week: Wooooo, four-day work week (still up by 6am today though)! From last week feeling like it was the longest.week.ever.com to this one being a short (albeit, […]

Weekly Therapy: Fröhlichen Geburtstag!

the week: It’s my birthday week! I ran a half marathon this week! This week is also payday! It’s also finals week, but… eh. I’m basically already done (and looking forward to a week off). It’s a good freaking week! Everything with exclamations! And dessert. weekend: Waking up early tomorrow for a BIRTHDAY MASSAGE. (And […]

Growing Up Giving: raising a generation of charitable children

The holiday season is more than giving gifts, it’s also about giving back. I love the idea concept of teaching children about charity because instilling these values early on truly promotes a philanthropic lifestyle. The “Growing Up Giving” guide, from partners Macy’s Heart of Haiti and the Everywhere Society, is for parents, teachers and caregivers. […]

Every 30-something needs… some resolutions.

I hate the word “resolutions” just as much as the next 30-something (I mean, it’s like settings up for failure, right?), but I do set some goals for myself for the year. We need goals — something to live for, strive for and accomplish. This is what makes our life worth a damn: purpose. Resolutions. […]

Love with Food: now with more purpose

The Thanksgiving Box (aka: Fall Favorites) from Love with Food was curated by Amy Roloff of TLC’s “Little People, Big World.” As always, it’s such an exciting box of goodies to receive on a monthly basis. Each box received, a meal is donated to a hungry child via food banks across America. For November and […]

Weekend Therapy: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

the week: It’s finally stopped raining. Yesterday, we were on six straight days of rain. This kind of weather is so depressing — even a pair Wellies wasn’t enough to make me enjoy the puddles. Alas, I’ve been pretty much living in my new sweatshirt and fleece pants for the entire week because everything is […]

LoveWithFood: continuing your love of monthly subscription boxes

Group Therapy Time: Let’s talk a little about these monthly subscription boxes. I. Am. Addicted. Monthly beauty boxes. Samplers of nail polishes. A personal stylist who ships me a package of designer clothes so I can “shop” at home. A box full of healthy, organic snacks from small, independent companies. A box full of snacks […]