Weekly Therapy: 9.15.17

the week: Within the last couple weeks, I’ve had two separate mammograms and an ultrasound, and the doctors saw *something* in my right breast. I had my boob biopsied on Friday, so I’ll know Monday what/how I need to deal with that. Fun Fact: during the procedure, they implant a tiny titanium clip (that happens […]

Weekly Therapy: A Week of Awesome celebrating a Day of Awesomeness

the week: This week we celebrated being awesome and being women. Every person I saw wearing red on Wednesday, I gave a mental fist bump. weekend: Swapped my long run to Sunday this weekend, which ended up being a good call with overnight snow on Friday and sub-freezing temps again on Saturday morning. The time […]

Weekly Therapy: 26 Weeks Left in my 30s!

What an unfortunate typo when I first typed out this post subject! Does this mean I have officially accepted being 40? LOL So, yeah… Half-Birthdays and Stuff. the week: Wooooo, four-day work week (still up by 6am today though)! From last week feeling like it was the longest.week.ever.com to this one being a short (albeit, […]

Weekly Therapy: Jetting forward and lagging behind

the week: Well, I am positively exhausted. And I missed out on both Sunday Lately posts with my Blogger Tribe and am holding off on my Accountability Monday post until next week because… well, because last week’s training blog didn’t deserve its own post. I’m catching up but now saddled with some extra, stressful shit […]

Weekly Therapy: “You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

the week: My Capstone project has been focused on burnout in organizations (and its relation to organizational culture and motivation), and thank the Applied Psych Gods that this course/project is only 6 weeks long because I’m sure that I would be experiencing burnout myself. I’m on my last couple days of assignments, with my final […]