Weekly Therapy: taking care of old business

the week: The background colors and layout here at 30-something Therapy were bothering me for a long time. I contacted a few designers about tweaking the blog, but got some serious sticker shock. I decided to figure it out on my own… So, check out my new site layout — mobile-enhanced now too! And please […]

Weekly Therapy: I do bruise easily.

the week: June spending freeze. Blah. BUT… back to derby practices! Already have All of the Bruises. weekend: Bout weekend! Starting off with a team pasta night and viewing party (oh gawd, helmet cam) and game on Saturday (and much-needed after party). Sunday will be much relaxing. And likely, a hangover. If you’re not following […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week: the celebration continues!

It’s Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week! The hangover on this 30-something is a doozy. But there’s still a few days left to celebrate. Sort-of started the celebrations last Saturday with my friend’s bachelorette party, hosting brunch at my house and then attending a Venture Outdoors programs — a hike-meets-beer-tasting (beer from Max’s Allegheny; not an official […]