Weekly Therapy: Which way do I go?

the week: Recovering from traveling, returned to my original office building (but in a new space), and roads closed on my usual route leaving my house THROUGH NOVEMBER (ugh). weekend: Another race weekend; this time a road trip to Solon, Iowa for the Hawkeye 25k trail race. Super excited for this one — spoiler alert: […]

February 30: a lesson in getting out of bed

I am NOT a morning person. I am also an insomniac. In an attempt to regulate my sleeping schedule and embrace the creativity that comes with early-morning writing and generally be super cranky for 30 days, this month’s Wake Up Every Morning Before 8am had disappointing results. Meaning: I actually slept less and not more. […]

theglitterguide: (via Graphic and Type Love / We Need To Sleep more Typographic Illustration Art by froschkind) THIS. More than ever this week. *yawn* (Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/65959551/)