Weekly Therapy: a change will do you good is SO cliche, but SO true.

the week: YAY, new hair! No joke, it’s been somewhere between 8-10 months since I’ve had my hair cut OR colored. Embarrassing. Also why you’ve been likely to see me sporting a pony tail for the last 6 months. I needed a new stylist too, and finally… FINALLY I found one that I love! It […]

Weekly Therapy: grieving, traveling, remembering…

the week: This week started out rough, with my grandfather’s viewing and funeral. So much sadness. I’m sure you’ll pardon my absence. I have to add though that it was wonderful seeing my sisters and family all together, considering the gloomy circumstances. I wish I could see them every weekend… weekend: Trying to get back […]

Weekend Therapy: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

the week: It’s finally stopped raining. Yesterday, we were on six straight days of rain. This kind of weather is so depressing — even a pair Wellies wasn’t enough to make me enjoy the puddles. Alas, I’ve been pretty much living in my new sweatshirt and fleece pants for the entire week because everything is […]

An Apple a Day… for probably the next 8 weeks.

A friend and I visited an apple orchard in our area to celebrate her recent engagement. Sunday was just SUCH a beautiful Fall day to be outdoors. And apparently, the perfect day to be at an apple farm (fried food! hayrides! live music! live… CHICKENS!). Fun outdoor activities like this make me so happy — […]