Weekly Therapy: 10.20.17

the week: Oh, HI! It’s been a few weeks. ? I’m closing out Week 4 of grad school, and as expected, it’s kicking my ass! I’ve finally found a groove with my assignments and reading (so much reading!), but will admit to feeling wholly intimidated by so many brilliant people in my classes. I’m inspired […]

Weekly Therapy: The realization and acknowledgement that I only have a couple weeks remaining in my 30s

the week: So… yeah. Can I remain 30-something in this blog space if I’m actually 40? I knew this moment would come, and I don’t yet have a plan for the change. I know that I want to continue to blog — blogging been a part of my life for 15 some years, and I’ve […]

gretchenjonesnyc: the 40’s are back baby———YAY! GG I think my personal style is a cross between the 40s and 70s. I love flowy fabrics (especially in the arms), longer  hemlines — and my shape NEEDS a defined, high waist (as seen on this dress and in many of this season’s denim collection). Just… love.  (Source: […]