Weekly Therapy: Crazy Pants Time (a salute to the hectic holiday season and the need for a little extra warmth)

the week: I completed the Capital Striders 100 miles challenge with 101.7 miles! weekend: This morning, I ran another trail race — the Sycamore 8 in Des Moines. Tonight, we’ve got a neighborhood holiday party and another invite to a fellow Rock Boater’s house concert party on Sunday! I’ll be sure to fit in my […]

Identity: who am I?

A man/woman is many things, they say. Identity, or psychological identity, is a set of distinctive characteristics that one acquires through self-reflection and awareness. Identity can be lost or evolve with life experience, daily tasks or habits, and age. Just as we are these many things, makes us all unique in our total identity. Who […]

Wardrobe Therapy: Banana Republic, LOFT & Trina Turk sales

I totally failed my November shopping ban. Totally. Completely. Utterly. Failed. This is what happens when there are sales, coupons and discount offers all up in my email this time of year. But… I’m not mad. I’m EXCITED. 1. Rice Dot Tee {LOFT} / 2. Sims Pants {Trina Turk} / 3. Cozy Cable Cardigan {LOFT} […]

Sephora Score: history of a beauty junkie

I set out to replace my Clarisonic brush head… and ended up WITH ALL THIS. {The Lasting Impression It Kit (sephora gift) / samples from Clinique, Kate Somerville & Bliss / Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Twin-Pack (Deep Pore) / Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection / NARS Essentials Set (beauty insider perk)} Isn’t that how […]

Group Therapy: Can 30-somethings wear SEQUINS?

Alternatively titled: Must. Not. Buy. Another Pair of Sequin Shoes! An anonymous Reader asked: Can a 30-something pull off wearing sequins? Answer: A resounding YES! 1. Aqua Spineless Sequin Jacket {ASOS} / 2. Embellished top {White House Black Market} / 3. Foldover Sequin Clutch {ASOS} / 4. Worn This Way sequin bootie {ModCloth} / 5. […]

Nov 9th & 30-something half birthdays

You know what’s worse than turning 35? Turning 36. No, I’m not kidding. 35 is still in the middle (even though you’ve just skipped to the next age demographic); you’re no closer to 30 than 40… well, not until the day after your birthday if you’re a Glass Half Empty type of 30-something. Alas, the […]

Aroma-therapy: my favorite scents

Last weekend, the boyfriend asked me to rank my favorite scents in order. I have no idea how this conversation was even prompted. I think he was surprised by a few of the (admittedly) ridiculous ones, but I was (am) completely serious: Clean, fresh linens (I cannot STAND when clothing smells like you’ve been sitting […]

Finding Your Place: the loss and cultivation of identity

I realized that making a commitment to blog for 30 days straight, that I’d be “calling it in” on more than one occasion (I promise not TOO many only-picture posts; I don’t want to talk your ear off either). But the REAL goal is opening up this page every day, logging into WordPress, considering what […]