Sunday mornings are tough. Especially when the nights proceeding said day of the week are too much fun. Thankfully, the boyfriend had a plan: beer breakfast at FatHeads. Because, aside from time, there’s one other way I know how to “cure” hangovers: more beer. *wink*

On these casual travels (which not enough coffee in the WORLD can make me smile a little nicer *snort*), I like to be comfy. This “vintage” Lacoste dress fits just that purpose. A super-cute striped dress (with the alligator on!), mind you, that I eyeballed for a surprisingly long time online from local/online shop Crazy Hot Clothes. And then I “won” a small credit on their facebook page, so I just KNEW I had to order it when I noticed it still available.

And this is why having a good tailor is a MUST. The dress was far too long for my frame — hitting initially past the knees — and swallowed my short, small frame. A quick new, shorter hem made this a must-have piece in my closet. 

Finally enjoying it on this cool fall day — and not a nary of wing sauce on it! 

Do you have any fun or treasured vintage pieces?

Side note: at what “age” is something designated old, vintage or… something else? Anyone know?

Dress: Lacoste, from Crazy Hot Clothes
Shoes: GoJane
Purse: Nine West, from TJ MAXX
Sunnies: Guess, from TJ MAXX (on the same trip as that purse, I believe!) 

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