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This week’s themes: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving.

Creating: Sundays are the day that I sit down and plan my week. I start by writing the date range for the week at the top of the page of a small spiral notebook (I start my week on Mondays, to coordinate with my run training schedule). I then give each day its own header and write down any important meetings, events, etc. under each day of the week. Then, in a second column, I write my workout schedule and fill into each day — planning rest days too — and any important to-do items for the week. I’ve been using this method for years and it works for me really well! Plus, I think it’s important to decompress from the weekend and be aware of what’s in the week ahead.

Finding: When applying for some freelance writing work, I realized how many links were dead on my portfolio page. Come to find out, so many websites change their file paths and I need to stay on top of this (I was able to find a few updated links in search, but many sites are long gone and no longer live). I also realized that I don’t even have copies on my new laptop when my old computer shit the bed. Here’s hoping that I find some of my work!

Switching: After two full days without access to my WordPress blog or log-in, I have begun the process of looking into switching to a new host company for my websites. The customer service at Bluehost is beyond abysmal and after 24 hours of them telling me there was nothing they could do about a supposed DDoS attack on my server, I’m over it (I ended up being unable to access my site for nearly 48 hours!). While I understand there’s not much that can be done in this type of situation, I had one agent telling me that the problem was a DDoS attack and another saying that wasn’t true. They refused to acknowledge the problem publicly too and kept pushing me to DM. I reset, cleared caches, loaded on different networks, attempted using a proxy, called my Internet company, replaced routers, closed off repeaters and was still having so many issues. In any event, I’m back up and finally posting today, no thanks to their support.

Forgetting: Did anyone else keep forgetting what day it was for the last week? SIGH, back to work tomorrow!

Craving: You know how “they” say that when you view pictures online of food, you suddenly crave it too? Well, I’m not even a fan of pizza (and generally can’t eat it, unless there’s a gluten-free option) but I saw a Hawaiian pizza in my Instagram feed and can think of nothing else.

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  • HattieLu handmade

    That’s no fun to loose access to your data! Try downloading the backups to your computer then upload to a cloud drive & external hard drive. That way you have to backups of everything! Technology is our friend and enemy all in one.

    I like the way you plan! It’s my first year being dedicated to planning and I see the difference already.

  • Nicole White

    Hosting issues and things are literally THE WORST. I feel sick just thinking about it haha.

    • Mel

      Seriously! It’s a good thing that I have a live-in tech support, otherwise I would be still down AND angry. haha

  • The week between Christmas and New Year is seriously like a black hole. I didn’t know the day, what I was supposed to be doing, my was bad. I love how you plan your workouts along with your week at the same time. That’s genius to have it all together. I’ve seen workout planners and I just don’t think I could get behind that. Too much to track.

    I’ve used for my domain registration and hosting for the past few years and I love it. Their customer service is fantastic from what I’ve experienced.

    Also, that SUCKS about losing all of your work. I accidentally deleted my GIHH documents off my laptop in a fit of clean-sweeping-for-the-new-year. It’s painful.

  • I’m still forgetting what day of the week it is! And when I’m giving out our work phone number to patients I’m giving out the wrong number. I’m pretty sure they just need to send me back home and extend my vacation. 😉
    I cannot believe BlueHost did you like that. I’ve heard good things about amazon’s hosting service. I don’t really know anything about it personally, but I do know there are other good ones out there that are faster. If I remember I’ll post it in blogger tribe.

    • Mel

      Thanks, Meghan!

  • Oh gosh, having NYE on a Thursday and New Years Day on a Friday had me so out of whack. I thought it was Sunday for at least four days in a row. It’s been a mess.

    • Mel

      Today is the worst Monday of the year!