Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt follows the weekly Sunday Lately theme. This week is Updating, Reminding, Needing, Wearing, Being.

Happy Mother's Day! (1)

Updating my workout schedule for the week, with a return to some light running (yay!) and CrossFit.

I don’t know that I particularly wanted the reminder, but after being thoughtfully forgotten this week, I have decided to stop fighting for people who so obviously do not want to be friends. I have too many GREAT friends in my life to expend my love and energy and loyalty to settle for anything less. Maybe we all need that reminder.

After my last few nights (and days) of celebration, I am in need of a sobriety break… and a lot of water. Also, need to get back on track with my healthier eating habits after enjoying a few necessary (and wonderful!) cheat days.

Where my jorts-loving 30-somethings at? I swear, I cannot get rid of old jeans without first DIY’ing into jorts.

Absolutely, completely content. My sense of “being” this past week has been full of happiness. More, please!

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  • Yay for happiness! Anytime you need to detox from the weekend, you know you had a good time. And yes, all the shorts right now. I’m trying to hold out turning my a/c on until I absolutely can’t stand it anymore, so shorts and iced coffee are daily necessities.