I’m joining in today’s Sunday Lately as part Blogger, May I? month of prompts.

Oh, I’m planning to be outdoors for most of today and tomorrow. The weather here in Pittsburgh has been downright beautiful, and what a way to start the summer season. See also: POOL TIME!

We spent a good bit of time out in our courtyard yesterday cleaning. I also had a gift card to spend at HomeGoods, so I picked up a few decor items for outside — candles, lanterns, some new seat cushions for our bistro chairs. Sadly, could not find the right size, right color free-standing umbrella. I even spray-painted an old IKEA iron table that’s been hanging out in our basement for a couple years. I absolutely adore our courtyard and love that we can have this type of outdoor space while living in the city.

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I’ve loaded up a few books to my iPad’s Kindle app to enjoy poolside today. I’m only 4 books behind pace to finish 52 books this year, so I plan to catch up by at least 1. By tomorrow, I’d really like to be up to only 2 behind. I know that I’ll be able to catch up completely once my semester is over in August. Anyways, lazy days of reading really make me feel happy.

I haven’t golfed in a couple years, so I’m wishing for a moderately-painless game today (I’m pretty bad). I never devoted enough time to get my golf game up to par (HAR!), but since the boyfriend started going more regularly I’ll be out a lot more this summer practicing. He’s the complete opposite golfer than me and so relaxed, where I am incredibly frustrated. Hoping some of that will rub off on me.

So, this is a bit embarrassing to admit, but we recently joined a country club and my first time visiting is today. I’m feeling really anxious about “fitting in” and making sure I “follow” appropriately all the social cues of being a member. Again, I realize how ridiculous this sounds, but I am terribly awkward at these sorts of social functions and at making small talk and feel a little out of my element. I’m trying to focus on that pool and pretending that I’m on vacation.

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  • Sounds like a great week! Pool time is awesome. And I love the DIY job, Miss Anti-DIY 🙂