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39th birthday cake 30something therapy

Planning:: BIRTHDAY WEEK! And then, I guess, planning the 52 weeks remaining in my 30s. But today, planning a drive up to Pella to check out all of these tulips! I know that we missed the Tulip Time festival, but maybe we can catch that celebration next year.

Loving:: I am way over-in-love with a pair of blush pink accent chairs that I found online, which have been delayed since MARCH. When I logged on this morning to see if they were, in fact, shipping this week (finally) as their customer service agent told me in April, imagine my anger when I see that they were delayed once again — and back-ordered to June. This particular site was even charging us for shipping, which was around $160. SO MAD.

Imagine my delight, however, when I get an email that the EXACT same chairs were in stock on Wayfair and shipping around May 19 with FREE SHIPPING (the actual product was a few bucks cheaper, too, which is saving us almost $180 overall). Man, I LOVE these chairs, and while I understand that I’m in no rush to get them… well, I kind of am because I can’t find any other blush chair and I want to finish my living room dot tumblr dot com.

Reading:: “On the Verge” by Cara Bradley (my bedside book) and “Troublemaker” by Leah Remini (my treadmill book)

Wishing:: The boyfriend surprised me yesterday with a HUGE gluten-free carrot cake from Sweet Rewards in Waukee (above picture), which he also put candles on, so that I could make my birthday wish. It’s SO GOOD.

Feeling:: Really loved. And content — not the least bit mad or sad or old about adding on another year.

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