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The prompts for July 10 (Week 80) :: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling

kansas city giant shuttlecock art museum blogger

My favorite part of road trips: Finding random giant objects!

COMPLETING:: my last day of vacation. Bummer, man. Nine days off seemed like so many when I started…

VISITING:: Taking a road trip to a few of our nearby cities was a really fun way to see different parts of our state (and cross another state off the map). We’ll definitely be making future visits to Kansas City and Omaha ā€” and I’d like to go back and check out Council Bluffs, since we skipped that part of our adventure on the way home.

REPEATING:: Going through the motions of another Sunday, preparing for my work-week with meal planning and scheduling my workouts and putting together outfits for the week. I have a little variety planned, so it won’t feel like I’m being too repetitive and inflexible with my habits (and just returning to work as I left it). That’s probably the worst thing for returning from vacation ā€” to just drop back into your old routine without giving a little pause to reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and how to manage your time even better.

WRITING:: So, I’m writing out a plan of action for my work week to include what days I need to pack items/bring things with me to work ā€” and actually SETTING THOSE ITEMS ASIDE and/or putting bags in my car. I really have a tendency to make big plans and get progressively overwhelmed by the novelty or preparation as the week builds, so taking some time to plan in advance to help prevent the potential burnout from making too many decisions during the week. Sunday is really a great day for me to GYST (aka: Get Your Shit Together).

SCHEDULING:: Sleep! I’m nowhere near “fixed” on my sleeping schedule that started falling apart before vacation. If last night’s awful cycle is any indication, this is going to be a ROUGH week. Not to mention that I also have an appointment with a new dentist. :-/

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  • Cassy Gobin

    So… I totally thought that photo was a hot air balloon and you went for an awesome ride in the sky. Not quite what was pictured! Are there really that many giant things out there to see?

    • Mel

      Ha! I just looked at it with that perspective, and it totally does!!! There are SO many fun giant things out there – check out I missed seeing the giant push pins in Omaha. I’ll have to go back. šŸ˜‰

  • Oh goodness, giant random objects are awesome. Giant shuttlecocks in a field? Amazing. I need to see that.

    Love the concept of GYST. I suffer from major decision paralysis and even decision fatigue the longer the week goes on. I should start to do what you’re doing and play everything out/set it aside at the beginning so as to free up that space in my head later in the week.

    Also, that’s true about returning from vacation: to drop in like nothing happened. Hopefully you can keep some of the adventuring going!