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The prompts for July 03 (Week 79) :: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being

Des Moines Arts Festival blogger

Enjoying a vodka lemonade at last weekend’s Arts Festival (in a perfect-length maxi dress that I got from StitchFix!)

Updating:: my shampoo. Random response to this prompt, but I finally consulted a hairdresser for help with my scalp. I get the worst acne — washing my hair every day isn’t helping to get rid of these painful pimples (neither was NOT washing every day). So I was recommended a product to help balance, and, hopefully, help me out with this 30-something problem.

Remembering:: Well, trying not to remember that we were supposed to be in Belize right now. While we ultimately made the correct (adult) decision to cancel the trip, my friends are still there and I’m feeling kinda bummed out about it.

Needing:: some time off, despite our trip cancellation. How convenient that I kept this week off? 🙂 I was incredibly lucky to get a job so quickly after relocating, but I still have some unfinished business from moving. Also, can you believe that we’re closing on FOUR MONTHS of living in Iowa?! I still haven’t got my new ID here yet!

Wearing:: SWEATPANTS. After having 90+ days for most of June, this weekend’s temperatures in the 60s feel like winter. I’m not mad — it’s going to be gorgeous fireworks weather. Bonus: last night, I watched FIVE DIFFERENT displays from my bedroom window. Monday is going to be so awesome.

Being:: completely obsessed with the Olympic Trials. Did you watch Michael Phelps swim last night?

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  • I haven’t seen any of the trials and I’m so bummed. I can’t wait for the real thing, though. And omg you find the best statues and sculptures and giant stuff.

    Also, I used to have the same problem with the scalp stuff and adding in clarifying shampoo or a clarifying spray before shampooing helped. Maybe something to check into if your stylist’s recommendation doesn’t pan out.

  • I have been obsessing over the Olympic trials! We watched the track and field qualifications this weekend and plan to watch gymnastics this coming weekend.