Blogger Tribe_Sunday Lately Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (lead by Angelica, Meghan, Nicole, and Katy). And the rest of us in the Blogger Tribe are sharing our posts today, too. The prompts for June 26 (Week 78):: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving.

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Creating:: an action plan (and riding map) for today’s bike-riding adventures (see: Forgetting).

Finding:: We had a pretty bad thunderstorm roll through last night (at around 2am). I got out of bed because it was so loud and so bright (and we were expected to get 50mph wind gusts), and and I could not find my 17-lb. cat. Like, anywhere. His storm spot is usually on the landings in between floors but he was nowhere (I even checked behind shower curtains in the bathtubs lol). I don’t know how cats can hide in plain sight sometimes.

Switching:: I went to the driving range yesterday to work on some of what I’ve learned in my lessons, and switching between clubs (specifically the 9 and 7 irons) really derailed and frustrated me. It took me a while to “fix” my driver stance and swing, too, but I ended up with three great shots (and then put my clubs away because let’s end on a high). I have my third lesson this week, so I can give her a little more feedback about how things go when I’m on my own. I feel as though my studies in applied psychology will be put to the test in this endeavor.

Forgetting:: Keep forgetting that my car is still downtown. I guess that’s one way to provoke a bike ride on a Sunday afternoon when you’d rather be lazy drinking grapefruit mimosas and wearing pajamas all day.

Craving:: BURGERS. We went out for dinner last week and sadly found Exile was closed on Monday nights. They are my favorite place to get burgers because they have gluten-free buns AND everything they fry is gluten-free friendly. Alas, we ended up at a place that cooks their burgers to a medium-well and just… NO THANK YOU. So, I’ve been craving burgers for a week, and we’re grilling out tonight. I don’t know why we didn’t just add burger night to our downtown adventures for today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • We had nasty weather here Sunday morning early which prompted us to stay in bed all morning! I’ve always wanted to get into golfing but it gets so hot here in Florida I don’t think I could deal with golfing in this heat!

    • Mel

      Oh yeah, I couldn’t even think about being outside whatsoever during Florida summers.

  • Burgers always make the list of top craves. And eating just ANY burger won’t do, it has to be the EXACT one you want or you keep on craving even after you’ve had the so-so one.

    I did not know you were into golfing! I’ve always wanted to try, but apparently no one trusts me enough with heavy, bludgeon-able instruments in my hands. And YES, psychology would so come in handy when you’re learning/making a new lesson stick. Smart thinking.

    Hopefully there’s a grapefruit mimosa at the end of the bike ride!

    • Mel

      I’m… newly(?) into golfing. I’ve had a set of clubs for 10 years that I only recently learned how to use. lol

  • A good burger is always worth craving. They’re so worth indulging. And after you ride your bike downtown, I think you deserve it.

  • We are totally taking the lazy route for our Sunday. A bike ride sounds fun (if it wasn’t so damn hot outside!)

    • Mel

      We may/may not have taken the lazy route today because of the heat. -_-