Blogger Tribe_Sunday Lately It’s Sunday morning and the Blogger Tribe is collectively sharing their Sunday Lately posts. Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (lead by Angelica, Meghan, Nicole, and Katy). The prompts for May 01 (Week 70):: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling.

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Completing:: Even though we have bi-weekly cleaning appointments (and they were just here this past Thursday), I just completed mopping all the floors on the 1st floor because they all smelled like wet dog. WTH!? It’s like they cleaned a house before hours with dogs and used the same mop water. After two days, it didn’t dissipate, and I couldn’t take it anymmore.

Visiting:: Today, we’ll be visiting ALL THE HOME STORES. Ha! Now that we’re mostly settled in, we’ve figured out a few needs for our living spaces. Plus, we’ll be hosting our first out-of-town visitors this month!

Repeating:: Despite how bummed I am about not returning to Pittsburgh to run the marathon with friends this weekend, I need to repeat how I felt immediately upon running the PGH Half last year: I don’t EVER want to run that again. It’s difficult in this current moment because I was so excited to take on the full; but last year, I was miserable (I only signed up this year because I had won a free entry and wanted to join a few friends running their first marathon). But… I was really overwhelmed by the crowds. UGH THE CROWDS. And the weather is always totally unpredictable. It’s a conflict that I thought would be resolved with not training appropriately and moving away and separating myself from the city. Instead, it’s bubbled up emotions that I wasn’t really ready prepared for.

Writing:: I’m currently writing down some lists for a possible 30-day challenge project to take me through the next year. Because…

Scheduling:: It’s BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! Besides making plans for the BIGGEST DAY/LAST YEAR of my 30s, my scheduled Birthday Fix arrived a week early β€” and it’s seriously one of my favorite Stitch Fix boxes [affiliate link] that I’ve ever received (seriously!!!). I really feel like they curated it specially for me and my style (I asked for a Fix specific for my birthday celebrations, to include some new shoes and a pink dress and THEY DELIVERED).

Stich Fix Birthday Box WIN!

Stich Fix Birthday Box WIN!

The CUTEST Adrianna Papell floral dress, the Pixley green tropical print blazer that I asked for (over a white lace-up top that’s not really my style but ended up looking super cute on), and the Franco Sarto heels that I had pinned! I also received a pair of distressed Kut from the Kloth denim, which are my second pair from the brand β€” I really like how they fit me!

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  • Beware of home stores! You walk in with money, and leave with a ton of crap and $0 to your name!

  • That dress is so cute! I’m definitely considering StitchFix now. Can’t wait to see the challenge that you come up with. And you would have been *miserable* this Sunday if you ran if you’re not a fan of unpredictable weather haha.

  • Great fix! I’ve gotten two Kut from the Kloth jeans from StitchFix now and I LOVE THEM.

    • Mel

      Yes, this is my second pair, too! I absolutely LOVE the fit of the boyfriend style!

  • Of course the blazer is pixely. I’ve kept almost every single pixely piece Stitch Fix has sent me. Everything is soft and stretchy. Good to hear you’re feeling settled in. Moving some where and feeling like it’s not home for a while is the worst. I’d love to see what you guys get!

    • Mel

      I’ve seen this jacket come up a few times on the StitchFix b/s/t boards, but always *just* missed it. I was so happy to get something that I requested!

      AND I’m drafting a post about our shopping adventures! πŸ˜€