Blogger Tribe_Sunday Lately It’s Sunday morning and the Blogger Tribe is collectively sharing their Sunday Lately posts. Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (lead by Angelica, Meghan, Nicole, and Katy). The prompts for April 24 (Week 69), are:: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being.

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Updating:: My closet wasn’t well organized since moving in, so I’ve made a few updates throughout the weekend. I’ve punched out a shelf in one “cubby” (to make room for hanging longer dresses — so now that ALL my dresses are hanging together) and added shelves in different places to stack my denim, sweaters, and tights/leggings. This all started with my irritation that my shoes aren’t all in one space — and I wanted them mostly out of boxes, so I can actually SEE and WEAR what I already own. By the way, I have some super cute bright blue booties that need to be worn — send me your outfit suggestions!

Remembering:: Oooof, I got my first Iowa sunburn. I wasn’t out in the sun for very long, and wore a coat for most of our BBQ tailgating because of the wind. I’m thinking it was from the 30-minute drive — we had the windows and sunroof open, since only my chest and a few weird places on my arms got pink. This frustrates and upsets me because I’m typically SO DILIGENT about remembering my sunscreen and this shouldn’t have took me by surprise, and yet… UGH.

Needing:: a kick in the ass (see above).

Wearing:: Some new clothes from my first Trunk Club! {referral link!}. It was a lot of fun to have a fashion show at home, as I received 20 items — a couple handbags, dresses, jeans, tops, and jewelry! I really like that you have 10 days to try everything. She didn’t *quite* hit the mark on my style and size (it typically takes a few boxes to pin that), but I received a couple items that I want to absolutely LIVE in. I was hoping (and asked) for work pants, which I didn’t receive. Soooo, looks like I’ll have another request in soon.

Being:: Today, I’m all about being in Sunday Cleaning Mode. I’ve already stripped the bedding off and started the laundry. The bedrooms all need vacuumed. I might get all crazy and lint roll (read: de-cat) all the furniture.

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  • Michelle

    Ooh, Trunk Club sounds promising! I’ll have to check it out! Have a great week! 🙂

  • Trunk Club? Is it like Stitchfix? I’ll have to look into it. I never thought I cared about fashion before…but I’ve found more and more that I love to see what’s in style.

    • Mel

      It’s similar in that they send you a box of clothes and accessories to try at home, but it’s not a subscription service like StitchFix (they’ll only send you a box, if you ask for one). Trunk Club is a Nordstrom service, basically, and the price points/brands are a LOT more designer and quality than SF. I find it valuable for investment pieces in your closet, or a special event.