Blogger Tribe_Sunday Lately It’s Sunday morning and the Blogger Tribe is collectively sharing their Sunday Lately posts. Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (lead by Angelica, Meghan, Nicole, and Katy). The prompts for April 17 (Week 68), are:: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving.

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Creating:: This morning, I’m creating something for a Hangover Cure. WOOF. It was a VERY good bottle of wine though.

Finding:: I’m discovering a really different work culture here, in that a LOT of people start early (like, 7am early) and end early. My current shift is 8am-4:30pm, and I do have the option to adapt it to my schedule. At first, I was nervous starting so early (and because of my tendency to stay up WAY later than my bedtime), but if I start any later, I’ll be the last man in the dang parking lot! I asked the boyfriend, and he says it’s pretty similar at his company, too. I’m still finding myself adjusting at all the earlier TV schedules too. Let’s call it: Central Time Culture. If I eventually adjust, I might start working at 7:30 β€” just because getting out of work at 4pm sounds amazing.

Switching:: I’ve been cleaning up my Pinterest boards, in anticipation of receiving a Fix from Stitch Fix next month {affiliate link!} for my birthday. And WOW, has my style changed over the last couple years! It seems that I’ve come full circle though, switching back to my “signature style” of fitted jackets and cardigans over tailored pants or straight-leg denim (would you call that menswear inspired? Classic?). I would also like more hot pink for Spring, Stitch Fix. kthxbai.

Stitch Fix shoes 30-something

Have you received shoes in your Stitch Fix yet? I got these awesomely-bright Nine West flats this month – LOVE!

Forgetting:: Speaking of birthdays… yeah, it’s probably intentional that I keep forgetting that my birthday is next month. But since my boyfriend brought it up, we’ll be making some fun plans in downtown. I would truly like to forget how old I’m going to be β€” but I think turning into the LAST year in my 30s (*gasp*) is something to celebrate and not fret about anymore.

Craving:: Well, it’s PMS time for this 30-something, and my usual monthly All Things Sugar craving is at its peak. This also means that I’m probably going to have my period for my birthday next month. Ain’t that a bitch! -_-

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  • I never knew about this starting early thing in the midwest. Do you think it’s because they’re trying to “adapt” to east coast time?

    • Mel

      I’m blaming the TV schedule! haha It’s so weird to have everything start at 7pm!

  • Cute shoes! My company hours are 8am – 5pm and people can start earlier or later too. I DEFINITELY cannot start earlier, I barely make it in at 8am as it is! But we have some people who totally get the ball rolling before that. Yes it would be nice to get out earlier but I just cannot deal in the mornings!