Blogger Tribe_Sunday Lately It’s Sunday morning and the Blogger Tribe is collectively sharing their Sunday Lately posts — part of my weekly Group Therapy. The prompts for today, April 3 (Week 66), are: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling. Read my past Sunday Lately posts and join camp with the Tribe!

Planning: I have plans to meet up with a running group this week! I need to find a new Runners Friends Tribe to help motivate me during my half marathon training and learn some new routes around my area in the process. Planning this into my weekly workout schedule makes it a non-negotiable. I’ve also incorporated into my monthly goals, which I plan to put into a post this week!

Loving: Absolutely loving that I spent nearly 12 hours in bed last night! I was positively exhausted after spending an entire day eating, drinking and shopping in downtown Des Moines. My body needed the rest, and rest I let it.

Reading: “All the Single Ladies” by Rebecca Traister, thanks to Net Galley. Considering the course of this election season and the impact of unmarried women (and being one myself), I thought it would be an appropriate and necessary read. It’s been a little difficult to get into, given its “exhaustive research” (emphasis: publisher), but I think I’ve finally found my pacing with her writing style. This will take me a while to finish though, no doubt.

Wishing: Because I’m currently working from home, I am doing chores CONSTANTLY. Well, mid-week, I decided that I didn’t want to do another day of dishes, and apparently, the boyfriend hasn’t felt like doing them either. So, they’ve been sitting there, piling up since. I wish someone would get all these dang dishes out of the sink already (and I hope that someone is this other person who shares my household).

Feeling: I’m feeling little stressed out just thinking about my upcoming week, to be honest. But reality and “thinking about” are two different things, of which I need to remind myself. Anticipation is not anxiety (repeat).

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  • Have you found the local running stores? I can almost guarantee they’ve got running groups and probably even have training plans/group run schedules that coincide with some of the local races (if I’m remembering correctly from an earlier blog post, you’re looking into running the Des Moines half?). Just make sure they’re not bitchy elitists like 90% of SCRR. Ugh.

    • Mel

      YES! Fleet Fleet has a social run on Wednesdays, but it’s downtown (and I don’t work downtown). I joined Life Time Fitness, and there’s a run club on Tuesdays and Saturdays — I’m planning to join them eventually!

  • Anticipation is not anxiety. Wonderful mantra! And your weekend exploring sounds wonderful, too. I hope you’re able to find your tribe soon to keep you accountable and motivate you to get your training in. I’m so losing it for myself for the Pittsburgh half. Also, I know what you mean about dishes. I try to wash them at night before I go to bed so they don’t roll over into the next day but………….

  • I’m jealous of your 12 hours in bed! And feeling you on the hectic week coming up – I have one of those too and I’m dreading it.