Blogger Tribe_Sunday Lately It’s Sunday morning and the Blogger Tribe is sharing their Sunday Lately posts. The prompts for March 27 (Week 65) are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling. Read my past Sunday Lately posts and join the Tribe!

Completing: We are finally seeing the end of boxes and packing paper! Most of the interior of the house has been unboxed, if you can believe it. Around our Easter eating plans, we’ll be focusing on the unpacking what’s left in the garage. And then, all those dang boxes will need to be broken down.

Visiting: GUYS. Remember that gluten-free bakery that I was talking about that’s just a few miles from my house? Well, we visited Sweet Rewards Bakery in Waukee this weekend and I got my maple-glazed doughnuts. We also bought a loaf of French bread and a piece of angel food cake. SO GOOD.

Repeating: “I’m new to the area…” — this phrase has been used ad nauseam.

Writing: To-do lists after to-do lists. One for house needs. Another for little things that need repaired or cleaned in the new place. Still another for personal priorities, like registering the cats, and getting a new ID and car plates, and finding a place to get a massage (woof!). Now that my forwarded mail is starting to come to the new house, I realized how lax I was in changing the address on all of my accounts. WHOOPS.

Scheduling: This week, I’ve got the piano tuner scheduled to come back — he says the piano needs more work and he needs to find a replacement string — and our house cleaners will be visiting for a meet-and-greet. I have quite a bit of actual work to catch up on, too. And then I have an appointment with a recruiting firm. Another full schedule!

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