Blogger Tribe_Sunday LatelySunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (lead by Angelica, Meghan, Nicole, and Katy). Every Sunday morning, the Tribe shares a small glimpse into the last week — and I’m sharing along, too, as part of my “group therapy.” All are welcome, so if you’re a blogger looking for his or her Tribe, click through and join us in the Blogger Tribe Facebook group, and every week we share our thoughts on a rotating theme of prompts. I hope everyone is savoring the feeling of love this weekend with your besties or that someone special in your life (and especially those four-legged furry friends keeping us warm on this chilly weekend).

Blogger Tribe, SUNDAY LATELY Week 59, 30-something therapy

This week’s theme, on this Valentine’s Day, is: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being.

Updating: A couple months ago, I worked with a resume writer to tweak my professional documents to turn myriad roles into a comprehensive skill set (and help me get my resume down to a single page, which… she was a miracle worker!). Well, I’ve officially put in my notice at work, so I’ll be updating all my statuses to reflect my job-searching status.

Remembering: that my race is this weekend and trying not to freak out. Granted, I’m doing this solely for fun — but it’s a LOT of miles to run just for shits and giggles. I need to remember to be smart (and not preemptively freak out), and figure out mentally how I will sustain my energy levels for hours of running and socializing). #introvertproblems

Needing: I need a plan of action for my race this weekend, so I’ll be working that into my weekly planner. And I’ll share it in a separate post this week! Thankfully, we have this long weekend to help fine-tune my to-do list and race day(s) schedule.

Wearing: I thought that this heart-inspired Aphrodite set from Fabletics [referral link] would be super-cute to lounge around in on Valentine’s Day — and I ended up getting it as a $19.95 deal.

30-something Valentines Day set Fabletics

But I didn’t anticipate that I would rather want to be wrapped in sweats and wearing a Snuggie all day.

Being: in LOVE. Woke up to coffee and Eggs Benedict, and a gifted bottle of Rose champagne and chocolate… and a cat card, natch. It’s sounds so simple, but it’s perfect.

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  • OMG that updating paragraph is HUGE! Congrats and good luck!

    Okay so I always see these cute pictures on Instagram of people lounging around in bralettes, panties, and legwarmers and I’m over here like Ralphie’s little brother. How do these women with 0% body fat stay warm like that??

    • Mel

      I’ve got about 20% body fat and short answer is: NO CHANCE THAT THEY ARE WARM. (And they probably snapped the pic real quick and put on head-to-toe sweats afterward like the rest of us… or, they definitely don’t live in a 150-year-old house!) LOL

  • Good luck with the job hunt!!! But in sure you don’t need luck!

    What kind of run are you doing by the way. 🙂

  • The graphic you make for Sunday Lately is so cute!
    I really like Fabletics but recently stopped being a VIP. I forgot too many times to skip the month and it’s gotten more expensive I feel like. Most of the outfits used to be $50 or $60. The last two times I went to get outfits they were $60 or $70.

    • Mel

      I’ve had a similar experience of late with Fabletics – the prices have DEFINITELY increased! I’ve kept my VIP for now, but I more often buy individual pieces than whole outfits because most of the tops that I’ve purchased from there are the worst. lol