Blogger Tribe_Sunday LatelySunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (lead by Angelica, Meghan, Nicole, and Katy). Every Sunday morning, the Tribe shares a small glimpse into the last week — and I’m sharing along, too. Every week, a new theme is released for all of us to post and share links through one of the host’s post. All are welcome, so if you’re a blogger looking for his or her Tribe, click through and join us in the Blogger Tribe Facebook group. Today’s Lately is, well, a little later than usual because my ass woke up for an early long run today.

30-something SUNDAY LATELY Week 58

This week’s themes: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving.

Creating: Am I the only one who creates piles when cleaning a room and moves those piles to a different location? I’m in Purge Mode again, so stacks of books-to-be-donated are on my dining room table, picture frames to be packed away are in another pile. Creating some kind of organization from the chaos… eventually.

Finding: Now that the contractor is finished with some of our house projects, we’re finding residual dry wall dust EVERYWHERE. I mean, we knew it would happen but I’m always a little shocked at how much lingers in the air and settles even after we’ve completely Swiffered a room.

Switching: Switching mindsets from buying to selling, as we put our little old rowhouse on the market this weekend. Yes, this is HUGE news, but more to come on that… soonish.

Forgetting: Forgetting about all of my failures so far in training and looking forward. Gasparilla is for FUN (I know my definition of “fun” is warped!), and I have plenty of weeks to make sure that I’m in top form for the Pittsburgh Marathon (which is also for fun, WHO AM I?!). But for now, we do something of a fake taper for the next two weeks, and I’ll come back strong.

Craving: Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to the Sewickley Chocolate Walk, and one of my favorite items on the taste tour was a chocolate-covered cherry smoothie from Sincerely Yogurt. My second favorite was black cherry balsamic-drizzled ice cream from Two Rivers Olive Oil (as per the chocolate walk, they were featuring their dark chocolate balsamic, too). I’m basically craving everything cherry flavored now. Now, now.

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  • SOOO jealous of the Chocolate Walk. I missed out a second year in a row. Ugh. And yes, I make piles like that when cleaning too. One room looks great and the 5 others are ridiculous.

    Best of luck selling! That’s huge. I’m looking for a new place to live (ugh) – maybe I can weasel my way into getting a good deal on your place..ha!

  • Oooh I can’t even imagine how that dust would cover everything. Good luck with selling your house and good luck with training for the marathon, it sounds amazing!

  • HattieLu handmade

    No you’re not the only one who has 20 piles everywhere. I know that eventually the piles will be sorted and out the door. Congrats on listing your home!

  • I do piles but then they stay in our spare bedroom lol. BUT I did just bring in a bunch of clothes to swap with the girls at work, so smaller piles now!! :) And mmmm chocolate walk. Sounds delicious!

  • jeanine

    aha. I do piles too. this week I went through ALLLLLL the kids articles of clothing/anythng they put on their bodies ! sooo many laundry piles. fits kid 1, fits kid 2, pants, shirts, dresses, socks, etc. donate pile, sell pile …. yeeks