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Sunday Lately, week 57

This week’s themes: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting.

Doing: Prepping for BOUT DAY! For a long time, I had a very specific game day ritual (and order of things). After being gone for a season, I wonder what new little quirks and superstitions I’ve picked up. This morning, I’ll also be doing things like cleaning my wheels and bearings (the rink we skate in is SUPER dusty). Also, picking out a Boutfit — what the heck am I going to wear???

Appreciating: We had a contractor come out this weekend to repair some random drywalling and replace trim around our windows in the attic bedroom. This guy worked THE ENTIRE DAY, and didn’t leave until after 6pm. He basically finished everything, and has to come back one more day only to paint the attic. And holy crap, I cannot express how much I appreciate his work ethic!

Designing: I’m currently designing my February plan/challenge around the theme of RELAX. Boy howdy (do city girls say that?), my stress is at a critical mass right now. But I have an action plan to, hopefully, keep my anxiety at bay this month.

Humming: THIS song is my Bout Day theme song. {Explicit lyrics warning!}

I’m a huge old school hip-hop fan (but especially Missy Elliott), and I even have my own lyrics to the chorus that I hum and sing to myself that pertain to roller derby and game day. 😉

Expecting: I have some serious false assumptions about time. Mainly, the amount of time it takes me to do or complete something. This expectation frequently prevents me from using my time wisely. For example, I *really* wanted a hard-boiled egg on my salad and peeling eggs is on my Things That Are Basically The Worst list, despite having 6 minutes left on the oven for my Quinoa patty to finish. I basically had to out-loud yell at myself: JUST PEEL THE EFFIN’ EGG. But with the real swears. It took less than two minutes, by the way.

This same line of thinking has prevented me from doing a lot of my strength and core workouts. I KNOW that I can do this certain HIIT body workout and it only takes TWELVE STUPID MINUTES of my life, but I decide that I don’t have enough of those minutes on this particular day. I’m expecting everything to take MUCH longer than it does, and holy wow, did I have a bitch-slap moment because of that darn egg.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday! (I’m making egg salad now.)

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  • Starly Alley

    Yay for good contractors! We have had a few good ones and some of the worst. I hate that you have to babysit them… Can’t i just pay you to put up a fence and come home to a fence? Never that easy.

    I love what you said about time. I am that way too but too often I focus on the underestimating side and not the things I end up not doing because of my perception they will take to long. Cooking dinner in general is where it happens the worst. I think its the feeling rushed and like it will take forever that actually creates the anxiety and mistakes that make it take too long.

  • HattieLu handmade

    Hope you’ll keep the stress at bay and relax. Miss Elliott is totally the bomb!

  • OK so I give, why is it called Bout? I’m very curious.

    • Mel

      I’m so glad that you asked this – mostly because I never thought about it (and, honestly, had to look up why our governing organization chose “bout” as opposed to match, et al.). I knew the word “bout from boxing, and it seems as though that’s the same focus: “The terminology ’bout’ comes from boxing, because a derby match is a fight to the end.” 😀

    • HattieLu handmade

      I was wondering the same thing!

  • Now I want an egg salad sandwich. So thanks for that random 10:45am craving. 😉
    How excellent to find a contractor that works hard. Not that they don’t normally. But I hate being that guy that stands over people, making sure you’re paying for the time and effort that they say they’re putting into it. So kuddos to this guy for being super boss.