Happy 2017! I took some time off from Sunday Lately posts, but I’m back and celebrating a wonderful new year with my Blogger Tribe peeps. Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe where everyone is welcome to pop a tent and share some S’mores. Come camp with us on Facebook:

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe

Today’s prompt: Picking, Telling, Debating, Mixing, Humming.

Picking out all my winter running clothes, since the belt on my treadmill shit the bed this weekend. I don’t know when I’m going to be able to catch up on Empire now!

Telling off the haters who snark on all the “Resolutioners” at the gym. Be supportive, be encouraging, and dang it, be a friend to someone who is making an attempt to start on their fitness journey!

Debating on what my “word” will be this year. Last year it was “community” and the year before it was “completion.” Do I keep the C going? 😛

Mixing eggnog with coffee… anyone else try this? YUM!

The Pitbull New Years Revolution show has become a new favorite — particularly after last night’s steady stream of classic hip-hop artists. I woke up hummingJoy & Pain” by Rob Base. Side note: I was totally weirded out by how much Coolio’s voice has changed!

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  • Ana Maria

    I agree with your thought about people who are snarky towards the newcomers at the gym. It’s a start & the minute you’re snarky to them they’re going to remember that & probably not come back. It’s not cool how your treadmill decided to die at the start of the new year when you’re all motivated.

  • Booooo to the treadmill dying! I don’t think there are enough winter clothes made for me to run outside in the winter…and I live in Florida. lol. I heard the Pitbull show last night was good! I’m bummed I missed it.

  • Mel

    I love it!!! <3

  • Eggnog with coffee sounds awesome, if only eggnog wouldn’t punish me like it does.
    And I agree with the snarky crap about the gym being full. At least they’re making a first push. Even with no follow through…it probably helps the gyms out with a flood of membership payments too!