I do my own regular “thinking” recaps in my Weekly Therapy posts, so this Blogger, May I? post was a nice change of pace for today. Although, given I JUST RAN A HALF MARATHON (and finished a two-page paper for school soon after), my brain struggled through this a bit. But I like how the prompts can be reflective of different meanings, depending on the blogger.

It’s been six months since contractors wrecked my life in order to fix my house. They finally came back this week to touch up some “mistakes” and fix other issues — including changing the light in my entryway (which they ruined during the renovations).

The new light is beautiful!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’d like to give back, since volunteering was something that had to take a backseat with school and work full-time and my full training schedule. I’ve been inspired by Project R.U.N., Kids of Steel, and Girls on the Run programs, and I hope that I can soon find my place to help make an impact about healthy lifestyle choices with kids in my community.

I’ve been consumed so much by this race that I keep forgetting that my birthday is next weekend (it’s also finals week, blech).

Time to switch gears: IT’S BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Relying on my group members this week to get me through this last week of projects and presentations! Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to Spring Break next week?

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  • 1) That light is gorgeous! 2) I love that you’re looking for ways to give back through something you’re passionate about. 3) Yay birthday week! Happy birthday! 4) Congrats again on running and running and running!

  • Oh that light! How pretty!
    I love that you’re trying to give back in a way that also demonstrates your passion. The best place to focus your energy in helping is on something you care about. You go girl!