Now that I’m home from my yoga retreat, I am swiftly transitioning into homework mode. I have a pretty intense assignment due tonight at midnight, which if I didn’t have 18 other assignments due by Thursday last week, I probably would have already had a head-start on it. Trying to stay relaxed, but my last assignment I missed points for something that wasn’t detailed in the instructions.

Today’s the last day of Blogger, May I? and I kept my intent of posting every day, following all the prompts and really finding a new appreciation for blogging in general — and finding some new bloggers to follow in the process.

I’m designing a job competency model for my partner in this class and all… zzzzzzzz.

During one of our yoga sessions this weekend, the instructor blasted “Feel Me Flow” by Naughty by Nature, and basically I’m stuck back in 1996 all over again. (Totally appropriate considering that I was in Geneva-on-the-Lake this weekend too.) It was awesome.

To be honest, I have low expectations for today. I’ll get my paper done, naturally, but I have little energy for much of anything else. One of my lasting take-aways from this weekend was “nearly perfect is good enough.” I have a problem with high expectations, bordering on an insane level of perfectionism. And sometimes I transfer this ideal onto others. I need to be OK with not being “perfect.” I need to be OK with others not being perfect. We can’t all be expected to be perfect from the beginning — the practice is just as important. I expect this mantra to take me to good places.

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  • I’ve never heard of the Blogger, May I prompts – really neat! Hilarious about Feel Me Flow!

    • I was so happy that I saw it announced and that I could participate! I’d like to do another one in a couple months; maybe we should plan one together! :)