Stitches are out! YAY! And here are some horrible quality photos to share with you that I took prior to my visit to the doctor’s office today.

This prairie dress has seen several visits to the Donate Pile. But I just can’t get rid of it! I love the length, the fabric and the fluttery sleeves. Although, it fits MUCH better to my shape with that little tie around the waist. I’m slowly learning that defining my waist makes longer skirts and dresses look better on my body.

Bonus: my arms are in MUCH better shape than last summer when I wore this very same dress and almost cut it to pieces because of one incriminating “fat arms” photo. Again, I’m so glad I kept it (and added some weight lifting into my workout routine)…

Dress: Urban Outfitters (couple seasons ago)
Slip (that little part of exposed lace you see up top): Gadzooks (RIP), from an unGodly number of years ago.
Belt: A silk tie from an old Express shirt dress (that I kinda wish I still had) 
Sandals: from ShoesGotSole

Totally forgot to put on any and all jewelry today. That’s what happens when your apartment doesn’t cool below 80 degrees all night, and you have to wake up at 8am regardless of the amount of sleep you received. YAWN! 

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