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What’s in my purse?

Short answer: everything. At least, it feels that way when I’m trekking a mile to work every day. I’m also traveling with a lunch bag. Or a bag of shoes to change into. And a bag of snacks (always snacks). And always an umbrella. But the best days are when I can squeeze everything into one large handbag. But because I’m conscious about the weight on my shoulders (literally), I leave a water pitcher, filter and bottle to refill at work. I drink A. LOT. of water, and refuse to drink sugary sodas, and that can get… well, tasteless. Something about Spring makes me crave infused waters, which are instantly refreshing — same after yoga sessions. I was excited to see a box on my doorstep with DASANI DROPS® Infusions AND a couple cans of DASANI® Sparkling Black Cherry (btw, everyone at work that I was drinking beer at our Pirates Opening Day Potluck… hilarious!).

DASANI DROPS® Infusions are unsweetened and naturally flavored drops to add a “splash” of flavor to your water. No added calories to your DASANI water bottle! I instantly took a preference to strawberry basil (there is also lime), and I see myself using this frequently to be refreshed on warm days. The DASANI DROPS® Infusions package is small enough to not weigh down my bag and contains up to 32 servings.


DASANI® Sparkling Black Cherry: This newest flavor of sparkling water is added to an already-existing line-up of lime, berry, and lemon — which help you stay hydrated while also having that refreshing feeling. The beverage, found in 12 fl oz cans (and in 12-packs), is lightly carbonated, unsweetened, has no artificial flavors AND zero calories.True story, black cherry is my favorite flavor. I’m one of those people who orders sparkling water at the restaurant, if it’s available. Also, the cans are PERFECT for bringing with me to the hammock on the courtyard and to outdoor summer concerts (nope, still not a beer!).
I’m Team Fizz all the way.


These new DASANI products can be purchased at your local Target store, using Target’s Cartwheel app. For a limited time, coupons will be available for both DASANI DROPS Infusions and DASANI Sparkling in Black Cherry (within the app). DASANI also confirmed that these two products are gluten-free.

Are you a Flavor 30-something or Fizz 30-something?

Disclaimer: DASANI provided me this product, in exchange for a review, social shares, and compensation. All thoughts and opinions herein are my own.

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