Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt is Share a Recipe.

Blogger confession: guys, I really can’t cook. Most days I wonder how I survived being so independent so long. While one of those was cheese, the other was I ate crap, processed foods (and a lot off the value menu at Wendy’s). Thinking about that now makes me cringe.

I can honestly remember specific meals that turned out well enough to serve to other people, and I replicated them regularly: Brussels sprouts with balsamic and slivered almonds was a favorite side; a simple tossed pasta with olive oil, lemon, and peas was another. I always brought cheesy potatoes to holidays. Once I made my friend and I mushroom risotto, after having it in a restaurant and having NO CLUE what I was doing (and my friend, god bless her, for having dinner with me). Once I cut up bing cherries and tossed them in a cream sauce with asparagus — yes, I did that! (It was fucking delicious.) My stuffed peppers were amazing. My Mexican twist on stuffed peppers was even better.

But I only had myself to impress.

Twice I even made a moussaka which is really complicated and basically redeems my cooking skills once a decade. I know if I put my mind to it, I could probably make anything, but it will just take two hours longer than the recipe or anyone else on earth who cooks, and by then I’ve drank an entire bottle of wine and eaten a box of cereal in waiting. And I’m drunk now… so, what?

Cooking sucks, OK?

But Pinterest does not!

shared recipes

And this is where I share all my diet restrictions-friendly recipes with the boyfriend when we plan meals. The end.

But not really the end because you know what really sucks: The few meals that I did know how to cook? I can’t eat anymore because of my diet restrictions. This cooking thing will likely be what running was to me last year — pure seething hated madness — to what it is now — a developed passion THAT I HAD TO TRAIN FOR. I just need to get over my resistance to learn.

Is there mental training for cooking?

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  • Meal planning is hard enough, without added diet restrictions. Imagine what life would be like without the internet and Pinterest perfect meals to try out! The ones you have pinned look delicious!

  • Your experience of cooking is like my experience of home improvement. It takes at least twice the time estimated and requires at least one trip to Home Depot. That Pinterest board looks delicious! I need to try something from there soon!

    • Ha, truth! I often have to stop mid-recipe and google how to do something (like, how to steam vegetables, or “is the stem of this poisonous?”).

      Or, I do something stupid like break a spatula handle while I’m stirring. lol

      • I’m the queen of doing something stupid. Sometimes I even think to myself, “That’s going to end badly,” but I do it anyway. That said, I’m usually pretty happy with how things turn out!