Some of us 30-somethings and single-somethings are looking for love and need some advice on how to break the ice. Are you getting back into the dating game this Fall and need some encouragement?

This post is for you!

hello oral products breath spray

Mexican food dinner date? HELLO.

Say “hello” to hello oral care products! I (seriously) love the product designs (designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, by the way), and the purse-friendly breath spray is perfect for pre-date prep. It also locks closed, which is a sweet feature. Every time I pull this guy out of my bag, people ask about it. Talk about ice breakers!

Ice breaker sounds SO much better than a pick-up line — which, I’m adamantly against using and listening to. Aren’t cheesy pick-up lines the worst?! And they’re almost never sincere. Saying a simple “hello” is much more genuine. The worst: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Followed by: “Are your feet tired?” Please tell me that people still don’t use that.

I questioned a few friends on their favorite pick-up lines they’ve used — or heard someone else use.

  • My friend Brian gave his worst: “Do you have any {insert ethnicity here} in you? Do you want some?” UGH.
  • My friend J, who works in a seasonal Halloween attraction, regularly gets: “You’re too hot to be a zombie.” Hilarious. Reminds me of the overused “You’re too pretty to be single”-variety of pickup line.
  • The boyfriend used the line: “It’s like I need a GPS to find you” early on in our relationship. I’m still not really sure what the drunken comment implied.
  • My friend Ericka agreed with me on the WORST of all pick-up lines (see above), but added: “Is this seat taken?” as a terrible way to approach someone sitting alone.

Just. Say. Hello.

hello products

Containing no alcohol (save the actual mojito for the date!), these naturally-friendly oral care products and hello toothpaste are easy on the eyes and the mouth. Even better, all hello products are made in the USA and NEVER tested on animals. Delicious flavors of hello mouthwash, toothpaste and breath spray include: sweet cinnamint, pink grapefruit mint, supermint and (my favorite) mojito mint.

Locally, you can buy hello products at Walgreens, CVS and Target stores.

hello mojito mint mouthwash

“Like” Hello on Facebook and check out the full line of hello products to prepare for your next big date!

How do you start a conversation with someone you’re interested in?

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by hello; see my disclosure policy page for more info.

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