My 2016 running intentions are one part goal and another part bucket list. I accomplished quite a bit in 2015 and I want to keep that hot streak going but also remember the FUN in discovering this hobby/sport/whatever-you-call-it (and also remember that I’ll be training in two different sports, with my decision to return to roller derby).

30 something 2016 running goals

1. PR my half marathon: I super, really want to work on getting my half marathon under 2 hours. I won’t be planning for this right out of the gate in 2016 to train properly (and smartly!) for my second full marathon, but I fully intend to make this happen later this year. My current half PR is 2:18:36 so I know this is ambitious (but a two-hour half marathon is not completely impossible).

Which brings me to #2: Complete another full marathon: I already have the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon on my calendar — and registered! — and training kick-off starts this weekend. No time goals this year (yet).

3. Run 700 miles: I barely squeaked out 500 miles in 2015 (actually only did 488.59 miles), what makes me think that I can run 700??? Let’s just say that I have a plan.

4. Do a 50k and/or Ragnar Relay: This is the year that things get CRAZY for this 30-something (and why I think that my mileage will be higher than last year). I want to cross one (or both) of these off my bucket list in 2016. Again, I’ll look to late summer/fall to make this a real thing.

5. Run a race in costume: I get so caught up in race day anxiety and performance that I sometimes forget about the element of fun. After laughing at the costumes in the Movie Madness Half Marathon and seeing everyone have so much fun with it, I want to be “that guy” too.

So my running goals for the year have a little bit of everything. I think it’s a good balance of challenge, adventure and, most importantly, FUN.

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