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These LEGEND Compression Performance socks came at the right time — it’s trail running season for me AND I don’t have any time goals right now, so I can play around with my training gear, nutrition and race day plan a bit.

I picked out the blue (since they matched my favorite running shoes AND my favorite running shorts) and ordered a size Medium. I tend to experience a lot of muscle tightness and soreness in my calves — including some spasms in some of my longer mileage (and last year’s marathon). It’s brutal having to foam roll or do trigger point every day — not even my massage therapist has been able to help. But I also have difficulty with most compression wear (socks, sleeves, pants, almost every kind of skinny jean) being WAY too tight on my calves.


LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks provide support and comfort to improve performance for runners and all athletes. The sports compression socks are designed for all sporting activities to enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, Achilles, calf and arch of the foot. Made in the USA, and with a unique Graduated Compression Technology, they improve blood flow & oxygen levels to run stronger, train harder and recover faster.

First impression: The letter that we received with the product from LEGEND was REALLY thoughtful, and I appreciated their taking the time to introduce the brand to the BibRave Pros. Out-of-the-package, you can tell it’s a quality sock and constructed well. On my foot, it’s super comfortable! Right away I could tell these were different — it wasn’t a struggle to pull them up or off.

LEGEND was right when they said “Right, not tight.” Must be that 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression pulled from years of experience working with medical grade compression products.


Is that kid beating me?

I primarily tested mine out for running performance, though I know many use compression socks as recovery wear. In fact, I was shocked recently when I heard that sleeves were NOT good for recovery; that’s what I used in the past immediately after races, and I feel so silly that I didn’t do more research! I did a couple short runs, a trail run, and a half marathon while wearing my LEGEND socks and was really sad when these guys were in the laundry — I definitely need an additional pair or two! The biggest difference I noticed for sure was in my half marathon yesterday. My calves didn’t experience the usual cramping or tightness during the race; and while the rest of me felt pretty beat up a day later, my calves were fresh for a recovery run the following day. I was impressed even by the difference in my post-race foam rolling.

This is probably my favorite product testing so far, and I am definitely a compression convert! Are these magic socks?!


LEGEND Compression Performance Socks come in 7 colors and are Unisex — sized by measurements of the calf and shoe size.

Additional product benefits that make these even more awesome: UV protection, moisture wicking, achilles support, open ventilation and breathable design for comfort, seamless, and arch support that also holds the sock in place and prevents blisters.

Get your own pair at LEGENDS website — and enjoy a great discount! Get 15% off all LEGEND Compression wear with code bibsave15!

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