Guys. I did NOT pass my food sensitivity test. At all. In fact, this six-month retest is worse than my initial one. My body was obviously trying to tell me something what with all the sugar cravings, and well, now I can’t have sugar. NO SUGAR. No cane sugar, no HFCS, no brown sugar, no white sugar, no corn sugar. NO SUGAR.


Do you know that sugar is in basically everything?

List of items in my pantry/fridge that are now off-limits:
My gluten-free oatmeal packs.
Peanut butter AND the PB2 that I recently fell in love with.
Gluten-free honey nut Chex. (Obvs, but this makes me sad.)
My poop bars.
Mayo. FREAKING MAYO HAS SUGAR IN IT. Do you know how hard it was to find a brand that didn’t contain paprika?
Nomato ketchup.
Bolthouse Chai drink that I use in my fridge oats.
My gluten-free, nightshade free honey mustard from Annie’s. See: mayo.
The chocolate milk drink boxes that I have after every workout/practice. OMG.
My gummy Vitamin D supplements. Seriously. I can’t swallow pills. What am I supposed to do now?
That brand of beef jerky that finally (FINALLY!) didn’t have nightshades.

On top of ol’ sugar, I again tested for nightshades and gluten and hops; I also tested for potato starch, which I didn’t have a sensitivity to in my prior test (pick up a gluten-free anything, there is potato starch in it). So, buh-bye gluten-free pancake mix and frozen waffles and anything easy that I can make for breakfast when I haven’t had enough coffee in the world. Incredibly, my shellfish sensitivity (which I consider to be truly an allergy) fell off the radar, but I’m NOT ready to reintroduce projectile vomiting into my diet changes just yet.

I feel really lost right now. Have you given up sugar in your diet (because of medical/sensitivity reasons or otherwise)? Send help.

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  • I make my own mayo. It is quicker than going to shop it! 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of mustard, half lemon juice and light olive oil, blend together and done! Healthy, no sugar and tasty.

    • Do you make your own mustard too? Or are you using mustard powder? I can’t have most mustards because of nightshades (paprika is common in both mayo and mustards).

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