So, not only was I super impressed by a recent Fall sale online, but I was totally smitten with cute separates. Furthermore, I was BLOWN AWAY by quality. That’s saying a lot about a mall store that (as much as it pains me to admit) for the longest time I thought was catered to plus sizes.


But, I’m decidedly small and borderline petite, so this misconception was keeping me away from a store that I haven’t shopped at for many years (the days when I was pushing size 12-14, which to be honest, I don’t even know where plus sizes begin). The misconception, of course, is my own.

I haven’t brought much attention to my “secretary spread of yesteryear” — mostly because I feel shamed at talking about body issues when I’m so tiny. But just as it happens to many women, I fell into an overweight (for my body frame) phase in my late 20s. I’ve always wanted to be larger-but-fit, especially because I’m now a roller derby player (and I have the sport to thank for creating some amazing curves on my small frame). The boobs? Yes, that’s why there’s Victoria’s Secret. I’ve become most fond of t-shirt bras that don’t make me look lumpy. But with being fit, working out makes my metabolism jump into overdrive. Thank you, genetics?

For disclosure: I typically fall somewhere between a size 2 or 4 (depending on the store/designer, natch); I’m 5’4” (heh, used to be an extra 3/4 of an inch… harumph), and I weigh around 125 lbs (but that fluctuates weekly between 122-127). My bust is 33; my hips are 36. Most of everything I bought (tops) is a small; bottoms can be tough, since I’m super small waisted, with a growing bottom (YES!!!), but I usually size up (then take what I need to the tailor). Regardless, these measurements might/not help you shop NY & Company clothing.

BE THAT AS IT MAY… wow, this post is getting away from me.

My bounty of awesome (that cost me only around $150, for serious):

Zig-zag knit vest — I could kick myself for tossing all my old sweater vests. I don’t own much in the red color family, mostly because of how it looks on my skin, but this deeper, almost-burgundy is spot-on.

Pointelle Sweater Vest — ahem, next verse same as the first. There was something about the style, the flow and color of this. It was irresistible.

A couple skinny belts: skinny lizard and shimmering skinny (in silver). A woman who is short with a long torso needs to define her waist. Always.

Smocked Tunic Shirt — all the waist skimming with the belting! Also see: need more white blouses; this one is just a pullover, which is nice.

Ruffle Placket Shirt — I bought this in powder blue, since I just donated an old, shrunken short-sleeve blouse that I wore tirelessly in the same color. Alas, it was DECIDEDLY shrunken, and PERSONAL OPINION: I don’t think that women over 30 should wear “belly shirts.” Just saying.

Ruffle Front Mesh Cap Sleeve Shirt — this is probably my favorite item I’ve purchased in a while. This color blue is so hard to find (even though I have three tops almost the same color in my closet; different styles, of course), AND IT LOOKS THE BEST ON ME! So, I’m excited to rock it. A lot. 

Silky Abstract Feather Drawstring Dress — true story: IMPULSE PURCHASE. I don’t do well with silky fabrics (they make me sweat! seriously, why is that?!), but I loved the style and print and POCKETS of this dress. It needs a little tailoring (length), but it’s not too often anymore that I purchase something crazy — and I was in the perfect mood.

Wow, that was some therapy, eh? Ah, I feel better. 🙂 THANKS FOR THAT, NY&CO! 

Did you make any impulse purchases this Fall?

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