Remember my fashion resolutions? Well, I tried to when selecting some new pieces for this season. LOFT was my first shopping destination because of its easy pieces that go from chic to casual AND are made of good quality. Plus, SALE!

I’ll share some style photos as I wear these items. Here’s the links of what I purchased, since I can’t seem to pull photos (and won’t allow me to view source code for jpgs) from their site:

Striped Sleeveless Waisted Dress — this will be an awesome layered piece for fall (and breezy to wear next spring).

Utility Shirt Dress (no longer available online) — Best described as a white blouse on top attached to a khaki skirt on the bottom. I’m a little concerned that the fabric of this garment might be too spring season, but I WILL find a way to layer it with luxe, heavy pieces so that I can wear it well into… *gasp* winter. Seriously, this dress was just too cute and simple not to own!

Ruffle Puff Sleeve Blouse (white) — every woman needs a fresh, stark white blouse in her closet; this season, I needed one to look a little more “fun” layered under vests and cardigans. I think I’ll wear it more. Also: need to stop freaking out over wearing white clothing. Also, also: must buy Tide pen.

Dried Leaves Pencil Skirt — a) I needed a pencil skirt, and b) this kind of resembles animal print at a certain distance; regardless, it does need about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch taken in by my tailor at the waist, but the length is perfect.

I also grabbed a casual tie-waist “sweats” skirt (in a cute burgundy color), as well as a v-neck burnout tee. I have no clue where all my t-shirts go… 

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