It’s time for traveling again.


And I am a mess. That “mess” is one part anxiety and all other parts stress.

I’m certainly worse when there’s an airliner involved, but this holiday road trip has me totally on edge. I worked full time at my part-time job so coworkers could take their PTO. This, in addition to all the work I have to plan and schedule to take place while I’m Away From Computer — and I am beyond exhausted, even given an almost-perfect sleep schedule for the last 5 or so days. I’m salty; I’m edgy. I have a short fuse. I’m being “negative” and “mean” (says this tall, hairy person who shares a house with me). I want to sit down and maybe have a glass of wine to relax, but there’s still so much to do. At least in my head.


I need to make a list.

I have NO idea why I’m stressed, and nothing works to alleviate it (short of temporary meditation benefits; but, I mean, if I were in a muscle relaxer mood, then maybe we could talk). We’ve taken this trip before (our newfound pilgrimage — heh — to see our friends in the south over the Thanksgiving holiday). If I forget anything, there are Targets and grocery stores in South Carolina. My Dramamine is packed (aforementioned hairy man-as-driver is not my preferred method of travel). The cat sitters are scheduled. My suitcase is kinda-sorta packed (overly… packed). Directions, easy (thanks, Siri!). I have clean underwear.

I should be enjoying this “I’m Going on Vacation” moment, right?

Do you experience travel anxiety before leaving on a trip? Tell me how you cope in the comments!

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