Most national flower delivery middle men are so disappointing. I see it at work all.the.time — what should be a beautiful bouquet is lacking a certain, ahem… freshness. And then the recipient finds out the price, which makes what should be a joyful surprise into a WHY DID S/HE EVEN BOTHER.

Of course, this is of no fault of the sender, but it certainly ruins a good and thoughtful deed. And that’s why I want to tell you about The Bouqs. The Bouqs (as seen on Shark Tank, O! Oprah Magazine, Forbes, E!, The Today Show, & Popsugar), are changing the flower industry one bouquet at a time. They own their own flower farm — budding flowers in the rich soil of an active volcano. All bouquets are cut to order and sent to your door without the “help” of a middle man. They also help you choose your flowers. The Bouqs also believe in zero waste, which passes on great savings to you.

red white bouq flowers

Their pricing is simple – $40 flat fee for all original size bouquets and FREE SHIPPING. This allows you to choose the bouquet you love without thinking about price!

For Fourth of July, The Bouqs are bringing back their Red, White and Bouq (pictured, beautifully, above) — perfect for celebrating the holiday with red, white, and blue roses. This bouquet is a splendid gift to bring to the Fourth of July BBQ you are attending or to pretty up your tables for hosting.

The Bouqs care about its customers, its employees and in sustaining an eco-friendly environment. You’ll notice how much longer your flowers will last too as their bouquets are shipped straight from the volcanic farm, which only prolongs the Happiness.

Disclosure: this sponsorship is published on behalf of Makerly, to which I received compensation in exchange for posting. All opinions herein are my own. See my disclosure page for more info.

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