I’ll keep this race recap nice and sweet because that’s exactly what this race was.


Doing the 5K was a fun excuse for another medal — plus, doing two races in two days gets finishers the Steel Challenge medal. Writing those words put me in something of a state of disbelief. A year ago, a 5K was a HUGE hardship for me mentally and physically (and for my poor shins) and completely opposite of my fitness from derby. I HATED running. Now it’s just an easy, fun run for the day? That’s just crazy talk.

Prior to the race, Steff of Run Steff Run arranged for a running bloggers meet-up.


I was excited to meet up with a friend who was running her first 5K and meet other bloggers who I have been virtually following along AND I’ve got some awesome friends pictured in there also running their first half or FULL marathons.

It was also there that I found my running mate for the day: Jennifer from Running on Lentils. This wasn’t a PR race for either of us (I’ll get one of those in, hopefully, in the next couple months); we were both running the half the next day. It was the easiest 5K I’ve ever run, since we paced intentionally slow and I had a running partner to chat with for the duration. Seriously, 3 miles went by so quickly! Plus, I really loved the course — very different from other 5Ks that I’ve completed in the city. Not to mention, it was a cool and beautifully-sunny morning in Pittsburgh.



Afterwards, I walked back over to the Expo (more on that in the half marathon recap!) AND to hang out with my bird friends and former coworkers at the Aviary (have I mentioned how much I love that it’s always on my way home?).

5K Results
Official time: 36:33
Pace: 11:45
Splits: 12:33, 11:50, 10:43

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  • My friend’s family was out of town for the race, and she asked my fiance and I to come watch her for support! I’m not a runner and would normally avoid the city during the marathon, but I was so happy that she asked me to come. We camped out about 100 yards from the finish line, and seeing the runners just before they reached that amazing milestone was such an inspiration. Congratulations!

  • Congrats on the accomplishment! I didn’t know about the Steel Challenge medal – I’m so getting that next year. Please let me know next time Burgh runners get together, I’d love to join in! :)

    • Yes, definitely — I will! :)