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Since I work out a lot and generally wear casual clothing, I like the idea of a Stitch Fix-esque subscription service for athletic apparel. I recently signed up for my first Wantable Fitness Edit [referral link] because I’ve been bored (and somewhat) disappointed with Fabletics lately, which I’ve subscribed to for a couple years (certainly not purchasing every month, but have had a good run). Fabletics bottoms have been awesome, but their tops are just plain awful in regards to quality, material and sizing (I even tried a dress once, which had ZERO STRETCH, and just no).

I received five items from Wantable to try on at home, with a good variety in items and brands. Wantable offers a similar discount to Stitch Fix when you purchase everything from your box. Imagine my immediate disappointment, then, when I received an incorrect item in my Edit. Wantable customer service took care of the problem via email AND offered a discount (in form of a return) when I returned the incorrect item and if I purchased the other four things (which, I did). There was no charge for returning items.

For athletic brands, I am all over the place in terms of sizing – and somewhere between an XS and S (even though I’m generally a size 2 in street clothing). Even at lulu, while I am regularly a 4, some of the same-numbered-sizes tops can be too tight in the band or upper arms. Often in other brands, I cannot fit bottoms over my calves (sometimes, more incredulously, over my thighs); I guess my shoulders are kind of broad for a broad my size too. SHRUG.

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Here’s what I got in my first Fitness Edit (prices indicated are full-price before discount):

1. Glyder Elongate Legging Spanish Tile Jacquard XS ($70.00): I love the pattern on these, and think that I would wear them for both exercise and casual. Although, I was a little disappointed at their performance in hot yoga (falling down in the back/band stretching out). These are pretty tight-fitting in the legs, otherwise, so I can’t imagine wearing something SMALLER than an XS – these already were difficult changing into after sweating/freezing outside from my run (note: I haven’t run in them yet; don’t think I would either) and OMG they are a little tight on my large-for-my-body calves. Fabric quality and stretch is definitely in line with the price though. Even better with the “buy all the items” discount.

2. Shape Active 2-in-1 Twist Back Athletic Tank Heather Crystalline XS ($58.00): I LOVED this top, so much so that I was willing to overlook the fact that I could barely pull the bra on. There was ZERO stretch, and I ended up ripping the seams open on the band (Seriously, WTF?!). I thought the top itself was still worth the price though, despite the awful bra (thankfully, they are separate pieces). The fit is perfect and the thin mesh layer in the open back was completely breathable – and it worked really well in hot yoga for me.

Wantable Fitness Edit, athletic apparel, 30something, shape sports bra

3. Pink Lotus Shirred Bust Racerback Bra XS (clearance item: $39.00): super cheap deal for adding another sports bra to my arsenal, so kind of hard to pass up. I loved the print, and the fit was pretty good, albeit a little bit snug on the bottom band (at least it stretches!); although, there was no separation for the bra pads (and it was impossible to get them to sit in the cups properly, so I removed them both because I would seriously rather have some pointy nip action than a uni-boob.

4. Prismsport Loose Tank XS ($48.00): I legit needed a top like this! Simple, racer-back style that fits really well. I like the semi-sheerness to show off a cute printed bra underneath. This will be a very versatile top for my varied workouts (though probably not in the dirty-ness of the CrossFit gym).

5. Trina Turk tank ($76.00) in a beautiful teal green (but a size Large, whomp). I LOVE the Trina Tank brand and have never tried their workout clothing. It looks to be of the same quality and design standards that you would expect from Trina Turk, however. Disappointed that this wasn’t meant for me. Though for a tank, I had a bit of sticker shock!

30-something Wantable Fitness Edit Trina Turk tank

My box was supposed to include another pair of pants – Moto Leggings from Pink Lotus (XS) that seemed to match the sports bra in the box (I couldn’t find my packing slip, and when you don’t purchase an item, the price doesn’t show online in my account, but I think they were priced around $78.00).

Overall, I like the subscription, and their customer service did good by me. I’ll certainly order another Fitness Edit in February – and I hope that I have more success with sizing and accuracy. If you’re interested in signing up for your own Fitness Edit, feel free to use my Wantable affiliate link! I promise that I’ll work on getting better pictures of this gear as I wear it, too!

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