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30-something Therapy_Fitness Edit 2

This is my second Wantable Fitness Edit [referral link]. I received a couple new brands in this box, along with some repeats from my first box; however, this one was a bust compared to last month.

30something Shape Activewear Wantable

1. Shape Active Long Sleeve Drop Tail Tee in Heather Gray XS ($44.00) — A repeat brand from last month, I feel like Shape activewear is all over the place in terms of quality. I do like this top — the Tencel fabric is really soft — and the fit is a true XS. Though, it’s not really all that long in the back, which is what “drop tail” in the description would make you think. Plus, when using the thumbholes, the arm seams feel twisted and tighten up the sleeves in a weird way. I have enough long-sleeved layering shirts, however, so I’m sending this one back. I would honestly be really concerned about wearing and washing this one, too, since it feels really thin.

30something therapy Wantable Prismsport activewear

2. Prismsport Lifestyle Peplum Jacket Saddle in mustard snake print (?) S (original $158.00 LOL; on sale for $94.80) — Another repeat brand from last month. Um… yeah. This jacket is ugly AF and not at all my style. #sorrynotsorry

I’m already not a fan of overly-feminine details on athletic wear – a ruching here or a feminine print there is OK, but I will NEVER wear something like this to work out in. Despite that, and even considering maybe wearing it casually, it feels reminiscent of a neoprene jacket that I had to wear when I worked at a zoo. Just, all over NO on this piece. I mean, it’s not even lined. Where the hell am I going to wear this? I’d be offended and angry if it didn’t make me laugh so hard.

30-something Wantable Just Live brand

I normally don’t take such extreme close-ups of my chest, but this front fastener needed that treatment.

3. Just Live Power Through Legging in Rustic Watercolor XS ($86.00) — I felt “meh” about these pants the second that I pulled them out of the box. The print is nice, but there’s something about the thickness and slickness of the fabric that I did not like. The product details state that they’re made from a signature YOLON blend (whatever that is) and are “fade proof, odor resistant, and designed to provide superior workout-enhancing compression.” The fit was great, though because of the compression, I struggled with some bunching above and below my calves. They weren’t impossible to put on when compared to other compression pants that I own. Still, I didn’t feel enough love to want to keep them.

4. Just Live Girls Best Friend Sports Bra in Rustic Watercolor S ($52.00) — This is the same watercolor print as the Just Live leggings. With all the terribleness of a front-zip sports bra thrown in. Interestingly, it did fit really well for being a small (I’m a genuine 34A cup), but there’s a tiny catch hook inside the zipper that kept unlatching and I was only taking pictures, so… this piece was also a NOPE.

30-something Soybu Wantable Fitness Edit

5. Soybu Camii Legging in Gemstone Space Dye XS ($64.00) — I think the prices of the two leggings in this box should be swapped! Is this something with space dye fabric, by the way? I noticed that space dye is always cheaper on Fabletics apparel too. The quality of these leggings per the price are fantastic — these are super soft and have really nice seams. I don’t own a pair of stirrups either (the stirrups can be “hidden” when bunched up at the ankle). I believe that I’ll find myself wearing these often for yoga and lounging around the house. The colors in this print are so pretty too!

The merchandise total is $340.80; if I were to keep everything in the box, I would get a 20% discount (and deduct the styling fee of $20) and the total would be $252.64. Since I really love the Soybu leggings, they’re totally worth paying an additional $44.00 to keep. Everything else was returned in the pre-labeled USPS bag that Wantable provides with every shipment.

Since we anticipate moving next month, I’ve skipped my shipment for March. But I’m excited to see what early-spring pieces I’ll receive in my April Edit!

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  • That peplum jacket is for active wear? I don’t get it. Haha.

    • Mel

      Right?! Like, I understand that many of us wear activewear for daily wear… but I’m going to buy something that is FIRST functional as actual activewear! lol