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NuGo Dark Pretzel

It’s three p.m. Your stomach roars. The snack machine calls you with its siren song of empty calories. Think…YES! Top desk drawer! You open it, and there, among the pens and paper clips, is the NuGo Dark bar you had stashed this morning. You bite down. The decadent REAL Dark Chocolate flavor floods your senses. Hunger defeated. You have finally found a truly delicious gluten-free, vegan, OU kosher pareve and Non-GMO snack!


About NuGo: NuGo Nutrition Bars make such a wide variety of healthy, great-tasting snacks in line with a variety of dietary needs: organic, gluten-free, low sugar, or no soy — NuGo Dark is also made of antioxidant-rich REAL Dark Chocolate. The cocoa butter in NuGo Dark may aid in reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure. No cheap vegetable fats in these bars!

NuGo bars are made in the Pittsburgh area, so I feel something of a special connection to their company. I initially discovered their products when I ran the Pittsburgh half marathon but I couldn’t eat the bar included in the race bags because it was unclear whether is was gluten-free. That’s why I’m so happy about NuGo Dark — certified gluten-free right on the label!

NuGo Nutrition case bibrave review

First Impression: Boy, do I love dark chocolate. Also, YAY! GLUTEN-FREE! I received a case with four different flavors of the NuGo dark: Dark Chocolate Coconut (it tastes like a Mounds bar — it’s incredible!), Dark Mint Chocolate Chip (my least favorite; I’m not a huge fan of mint and chocolate together), Chocolate Chocolate Chip (so.much.chocolate), and Dark Chocolate Pretzel (MY FAVORITE).

NuGo Dark product review run blogger

10g of protein + only 200 calories!

Side note: I really need to order a box of Dark Spicy Chocolate with Chili Peppers and Dark Peanut Butter Cup because those also sound amazing

NuGo Dark bars make for a great HANGRY tamer — I stashed one in my carry-on when traveling, always had one in my lunch bag for work, and even kept one in my purse while I was out car shopping. They work great as an emergency snack AND for post-run fuel. I didn’t carry any with me ON my runs — I was worried about the melting factor — but another BibRave Pro confirmed that they didn’t melt! So, I’ll be stashing one of these on my next trail run.

NuGo Dark bars traveling blog review

Don’t get cheated by fake chocolate! Join the movement and sign the petition for accuracy in food labeling.

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Check out NuGo Nutrition on Twitter and Instagram. And join us during BibChat this Tuesday 8pm CST on Twitter — follow @NuGoNutrition and chat along with the hashtag #bibchat to get more familiar with NuGo brand (and likely a chance to win free NuGo Dark product ?).

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