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Fit to Run!

Being an outdoor enthusiast, I was already a big fan of BUFF© products. So I was excited to be a receive a Merino Wool option. If you’re not aware of the BUFF© brand specifically, you probably know of their products — a tubular one-piece of fabric that can be used or worn in multiple ways.

First impression: The color is “tie dyed” shades of lime green, which I found to complement my main winter weather gear while also standing out in dark mornings or evenings. The material is thin but so soft — and it feels super cozy when worn.


It arrived right as I was going into my Fall Fun! season, so I’ve been able to test it on runs and races in various temperatures AND use when I forgot my non-running winter gear (this thing is amazingly odor resistant, so there was nothing funky about it when I needed it on a day I forgot my hat at work and the temps dropped 30 degrees in one day).


Keep one in your car, just in case!

Product Details:

  • 100% natural merino wool — Merino Wool’s natural qualities include: water repellent, odor resistant, flameproof, durability, UV protection and natural stretch and elasticity
  • 12+ ways to wear — so much versatility!
  • Thermal protection from cold & wind
  • Cool in the summer, extra layer of warmth in the winter
  • Quick drying
  • Easily hand-washable


Uses: This is SUCH a versatile piece! I mostly use as a gaiter, neck scarf and ear warmer, but I found it useful as a sweat towel AND as a hair “towel” for after a gym shower. I also like to pull it up like a skirt to warm my butt (I know, I’m small; this trick wont work for everyone); my butt is notoriously cold despite the supposed warmth of fleece pants. Naturally, at this time of year anything can become a snot rag — for which I’ve also found the BUFF© headwear product to be of convenient use.


Lasting impression: The Merino Wool BUFF© product is a highly functional piece for winter or cold weather running — it keeps my head, ears, and neck exceptionally warm in temps in the 30s. I have a lot of winter left to test it out in even colder temperatures (AND I put a polar BUFF© headwear on my Wish List this year because I know that I’ll use it!). I love that it’s lightweight and easily stashable in a pocket or up a sleeve after I warm up.


30-Something Approved: BUFF© products have become a regular part of my running gear for winter. I highly recommend checking out their line of multifunctional products — not only does the headwear have versatile use for a variety of sports and activities, there are a bunch of colors and prints to suit your personal style preference.

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