The 2013 Turkey Trot was the first 5K I was able to run in full without stopping (and gasping and generally dying from running). It was also the first Thanksgiving I stayed “home” for nearly my entire adult life. It was also a proud (and awful!) moment. And here I am, a year later, running a full five miles. No stopping, no gasping. No dying! WHO AM I?!

WOWS and runners! (and me in my Browns hat again)

WOWS and runners!

I’m glad my friend and neighbor snapped this, as I didn’t take any pictures this race.

I really enjoyed this course, except for that last mile loop up-and-back around Heinz field. It felt the longest, and there are a lot of people (and cars, wtf) darting between two lanes of runners and just resonated as chaos in my brain. I hated knowing the runners on the other side were almost finished, and I had no idea where the turn around point was (even though I looked at the map before the race, my brain was not processing the length). Not to mention, the course ran long (again!). I wasn’t really sure where my point would be to quicken for the finish line either.

I have pacing problems though. I seriously could not believe my pace time at my first mile (I use MapMyRun for mile updates on pace, splits, etc.). But once I was in the 9:30 zone, I was not slowing up until I finished (or my body gave up). A race is when you are supposed to challenge and push yourself a little, right? Or a lot. Overall though, my body felt good, and a couple days later, I’m ready for another couple miles.

Finished: 48:59
69th in my age group

I don’t have anything else planned for November, but that’s 4 races completed in one month!
East Nash Dash (4 miles)
EQT 10-miler (10 miles, duh)
Hot Chocolate 15k
and Turkey Trot (5 miles)
Total mileage for November: (lots of race mileage, and not a lot of training… yikes) 35.01 miles

I don’t anticipate my training changing much until January (when half-marathon training starts), since December is a cluster-you-know-what.

Next up: Christmas Story Virtual 10k on December 6.

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