I fell completely off the rails on my marathon training for Pittsburgh. Because of the move, I haven’t been able to find my workout vibe — and I haven’t run ONCE in two weeks (ie: since moving here). I’ve only had a handful of at-home workouts in general. Prior to moving, I was already a couple weeks behind in my training program due to feeling burned out after Gasparilla (read my recaps here and here). I thought that I’d be able to make it up after a couple weeks of rest. But I know that’s impossible now.

Regretfully, I’ve decided to pull out of running the Pittsburgh full, and I likely won’t return for the half either (but the latter is mostly for personal things that may force some travel elsewhere). I’m disappointed, especially because it was another opportunity to visit Pittsburgh and run with my friends there. My former neighbors had graciously offered for me to stay in their homes for me to save the expense of a hotel, too, but I’m now burned out on traveling as well.

Moving on: I’m signed up the Dam to Dam Half Marathon in June, here in Des Moines. I’ll also be looking ahead to the Des Moines Half Marathon in October — which I’d like to be my goal race (*2-hour half*). There’s still a chance that I may look into the I-35 Challenge depending on how my training goes and/or if the challenge sells out. Surely, there will be other races to fill in the blanks, but that’s where I’m currently sitting in my training. I am undecided if I’ll attempt another full in 2016, so for now I just need to focus on the half distance and the work that goes into that training.

More updates to come!

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  • Chelsea Prior

    I definitely understand all the stress. Super bummed I won’t get to see you though! Maybe I can get out to Iowa sooner than later to visit and get that state crossed off!

    • Mel

      Likewise, I’m bummed. But definitely let me know if you have something scheduled in my area – I can road trip, too, to cross off more states. 😀

  • Moving is hella stressful, and finding a new routine in ANY aspect of life can be tough. Take the time you need to rest and find some cool trails and routes to get your running back on track once you’ve “settled in” a little more! <3

  • I saw your comment on Hanna’s blog and clicked over because I was born and raised in Iowa (Waterloo)! I now live in Chicagoland 🙂 (Basically as far away from the city as you can get)

    That is a bummer you had to cancel the race, but you’ll get more settled in to your running groove after you settle in more to the area (I just moved at the beginning of February, and my workouts totally took a hit – I was exhausted). I am excited to see what you think about the DM races – I haven’t done any there, yet! Was thinking about the I-35 challenge too 🙂

    • Mel

      Thanks so much for stopping over and commenting! 🙂

      Thankfully, I’ve found a few running groups, so I’m hoping to get more acclimated to the trails and routes here soon.