Sunday: RUN DAY! 4.66 miles (according to MapMyRun; Garmin logged 4.45 even though I stopped my watch at 4.50 UGH!) Anyways, it was early and cold and it FELT SO GOOD TO BE OUT. And my dumb phone died again when I stopped my workout on MapMyRun.

train bridge winter

Monday: Woo, did I need some restorative yoga. Side note: don’t rely on Hulu exercise videos. Not only are the yoga episodes disruptive with loud commercials (seriously, at least 5 commercials within the first 20 minutes), the video abruptly stopped after one of the “breaks” and wouldn’t reload. How frustrating. I took the remainder of my session to stretch out what was bothering me. Too bad I couldn’t get an appointment with my massage therapist on Monday or Tuesday because I have a dang pinched nerve in my shoulder again.

Tuesday: Afternoon CrossFit session: handstand push-ups, back squats and stair climbs (and rowing for the cash out #dumb). Man do I miss these noon workouts during the week. Totally taking advantage of my last day of non-traditional scheduling.

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: SUPER SLEEPY DAY. And wow, are my legs still sore from Tuesday’s CF!


Saturday: Wanted to do a CrossFit class this morning, and disappointed to see that all classes were canceled because of an away competition (annoying). It’s so freaking cold (like, negative cold) that I wasn’t able to run outside (wah!). Anyways, I took an awesome two-hour Trigger Point Therapy workshop at Urban Elements yoga studio (although, I was car-less for the afternoon and had to walk). More on this in my next post!

What a weird, all over the place, week. It’s yet another training week where I started out strong and quickly lost steam. I’m trying to give myself a break, considering the weight of adjusting to a new schedule and the stressful exhaustion that comes with starting a new job, but… ahhhhh, the defeat. I can only try again, right?

Total Runs this Week: 1
Weekly Mileage: 4.45
Total Pittsburgh Half Training Miles: 18.62
January total (per MapMyRun): 18.83

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