So I perused my upcoming Higdon training schedule — just to get an idea of what’s to come in terms of distance markers, frequency, when to sign up for races, etc. I realized that the date I’m supposed to run a 10k, I’m running 10 MILES in the DC Cherry Blossom run. It’s still a month before the Pittsburgh half, but I hope it doesn’t derail my training plans (and that I don’t go through some early plateau that Chelsea has warned me about).

In any event, this week was TOUGH to schedule runs, what with a BOB SEGER CONCERT (!!!), Pippin’ tickets, a fun event with Levo League, AND a wonky last week of work schedule (including my last day and subsequent going-away party). Geesh, excuses much? I am nothing but transparent here, folks. While four runs was proving to be impossible, three runs is also really tough. I would be happy still with two runs. But you know what, it’s actually really disappointing I could only find ONE DAY to run. By the way, I totally tapped out on that Ab Challenge — 15 Days was challenge enough for me, and well… I need to refocus.

watch 2 miles

Sunday: Rest Day (work, and a PSYC paper due)

Monday: RUN DAY, 2.03 miles! And I kept a 9:30 pace.

Tuesday: I, err… damn. Rest Day.

Wednesday: CrossFit workout before work! I realized this morning that I might have to bump up into the 5:15am class when I start my new job and… OH GOD.

Thursday: CrossFit before work. This was my kind of workout: birthday burpees for our coach set to Roxanne; the WOD was a 15-minute AMRAP of handstand pushups and box jumps. WOOT!

Friday: Stop asking me!

Saturday: Going to have to do another Rest Day (my last day of work, then my going-away party). REST DAYS ARE IMPORTANT, OK!?

Oh well, I know we can’t all be winners every week. I noticed there being some daylight when I was walking home this evening, so there’s hope soon that I can get some runs in after work. Otherwise, I’m waking up early Sunday morning and starting over!

Total Runs this Week: 1 (GAH!)
Weekly Mileage: 2.03
Total Pittsburgh Half Training Miles: 14.17

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  • I would love to see Bob Seger — how was he?? And how are you liking your Garmin? I realize I’m going to have to get one eventually. I just don’t know which one to get. (Or rather, which one I’m willing to spend the money on.)