It’s Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week! The hangover on this 30-something is a doozy. But there’s still a few days left to celebrate.

Sort-of started the celebrations last Saturday with my friend’s bachelorette party, hosting brunch at my house and then attending a Venture Outdoors programs — a hike-meets-beer-tasting (beer from Max’s Allegheny; not an official PCBW event, but it coincided appropriately). We had a really good time (me, especially so, shopping for her honeymoon attire). The lingerie gift idea was fun (a piece for every night of the honeymoon), and you could totally tell a little personality from each friend in her gift.

Sunday, amid some errands, we stopped into Bocktown for their 17th tap and delicious lunch. They were featuring a Black IPA from a local home brewer. It was awesome. Plus, they finally added the kielbasa reuben to the permanent menu.

beer founders brunch pcbwpappy beer pcbw

I also decided to spend my day off (how convenient!) with friends at the Founders brunch at Piper’s Pub. Yes, there was a lot of KBS. Too much. I really enjoyed the Doom though. Boxty breakfast soon turned into Liquid Lunch, followed by trips to two more bars to find the PCBW collaboration brews, then getting SOAKED in the afternoon rainstorm. Damn you, new shoes for giving me blisters.

When I finally got home, I napped (epic), then woke up for ANOTHER beer tasting happy hour at James Street — this one, paired with local chocolate company Sinful Sweets made with the Brooklyn beers. I have the hangovers. Bad.

Looking forward to a few more events though: tonight, #asistradition (a few Southside bars have tasting events plus I wish I could participate in the underwear ride — alas, practice); Friday, the Beer Barge (we couldn’t get tickets, so we’re volunteering). We’ll round out the weekend with a home Power game and tailgating with some of our fave craft beer peeps.

I consider this week a success. Did you participate? What were your favorite events?

Also, read my Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week {part two!} article and column in the recent issue of Craft Pittsburgh. Find at your favorite craft beer bars.

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