Over at J’s Everyday Fashion, she brings up the topic of wardrobe staples:

This may be my most-asked questions, but I’m vehemently opposed to “10 items every woman needs” lists. If you see one, please throw it away!!! I think that women are way too different and complex to be lumped into one category. For instance, they almost always contain three items (a black pencil skirt, a white button up and a trench coat) that I hardly ever wear and could most certainly live without. Staples vary so widely depending upon your personal style, occupation, age and the climate you live in. A lawyer and a nurse’s wardrobes could not be more different, nor could a Minnesota woman and a Florida woman. There is only one thing every women needs at any age in my opinion and that’s a great pair of jeans. 

This is SO true! I find myself in this argument about “what you should pay” for certain items of clothing too. Obviously, depending on those same principles, your needs will greatly differ from another woman’s.

Hence, why I pay $200 on an AMAZING pair of jeans; and you spend that much on work attire. :) 

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