I’ve alternated between using Cover Girl and Smashbox Sheer Focus tinted moisturizers… and to be honest, I like both, but I’m not in love with either.

Smashbox changes color on me after barely an hour, making me look far too pink — but the coverage is good (I just have to use a powder over it to balance the color). I’ve used Cover Girl for years, but I’m beginning to think that their “non-comedogenic” claim is BS because no matter what product/cleanser I use on my face, my skin remains in terrible condition (read: blackheads and whiteheads EVERYWHERE). But again, that sucks because I like the coverage AND it stays put during workouts. Which is a whole other trait of awesomeness. 

So, I’m in the market to sample a few products again (sadly, haven’t received anything of this sort to try in my monthly Birchbox). I’ve been recommended Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and Makeup Forever (although that last one, I have only seen a foundation). But all of these leave me with big question marks attached to their large price tag…

Note: I have sensitive (eczema) skin, with severe oiliness (which I’ve curbed with using Kiehl’s oil-free lotion FINALLY!). I’m fair-skinned, with a yellow-almost-greenish undertone. Also, I have considerable sun damage on my face — no wrinkles yet, thankfully — but age/brown spots, so need something to cover those a bit (I realize that to cover completely, I need a concealer or heavier make-up, but refuse to do this daily).


UPDATE: Found — and fell in beautiful coverage love — with LORAC’s tinted moisturizer.

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